Site Plan Reviews

Interested in discussing a potential project or applying for a site-plan review? Please contact Miami Township Community Development staff at (513) 248-3731.

What is a Site Plan?
A Site Plan is a graphic representation of the arrangement of buildings, parking, drives, landscaping and any other structure that is part of a development project.

When do I Need to Prepare a Site Plan?
A Site Plan is required for any development project other than traditional single-family homes. Site Plans are also required for the expansion or redevelopment of an existing non-single family structure. Site plans must be submitted, reviewed, and approved prior to any work starting on the site. Below is a list of the most common projects for which site plans are required (this list is not all inclusive):

    • New Commercial, Office or Industrial
    ▪ New Multi-Family projects
    ▪ Any request for a change in Zoning Classification
    ▪ Significant redevelopment of any existing commercial, office, industrial or multifamily use.

What Should a Site Plan Include?
All Site Plans must be drawn to scale and must include at least the following:

    ▪ A description of all proposed uses
    ▪ Existing topography and any proposed grading
    ▪ Elevation drawings of all sides of all structures
    ▪ The location and a description of the species of all landscaping
    ▪ The location of all structures, drives and parking areas
    ▪ The location of all open space and/or recreation areas
    ▪ The location and description of all exterior lighting
    ▪ The location of all easements
    ▪ The location of all utility lines
    ▪ The location of all pedestrian walkways

How Do I Apply for Site Plan Review?
A pre-application meeting with Miami Township staff, which shall occur prior to the completion of final plans, is a requirement. To schedule a pre-application meeting, please contact staff at (513) 248-3731. How Long Does it Take to Complete a Site Plan Review? Most site plans can be reviewed within one to two weeks. The review for more complex projects can take more time. During the review process the Township may solicit comments from other government agencies such as the Clermont County Engineer or the Ohio Department of Transportation. The Director of Community Development will meet with other Township personnel to review the plan.